Bellymack Hill Farm – Galloway

Freya SteeleFreya Steele


On the 27th February as a class we went to Bellymack Hill Farm Red Kite feeding station, Galloway. Here at the farm the Red Kites are wild. Hundreds of Red Kites come to the farm everyday at the same time to feed. The owners of Bellymack Hill Farm feed the Red Kites chicken and road kill. The Red Kites have such beautiful distinct markings on their wings. It was incredible sight to watch them flying so gracefully across the sky. It was interesting to watch the behaviour of the Red Kites, I watched a pair fight and lock claws because they were protecting their own space. The most amazing thing to watch was the Red Kites feeding. It would take one Kite to go for the food first, once one Kite plucked up the courage to get food they all swooped down. The sound of the wings of hundreds of Red Kites was astonishing. The wing was so cold but I didn’t want to leave, I had such an awesome day watching the Red Kites for hours and I will defiantly go back!