Cummersdale Holme visit No.2

SNOW!!! I opened my blind the morning of Thursday 29th January to see the ground covered in snow. I was so excited and wanted to go down to Cummersdale Holme to see if there was any wildlife. The waterfall was flowing, so there was still life and nothing apart from the puddles in the fields were frozen over. I noticed that the Robins and Blue tits were in the same tree as the last time I visited. Again the Ducks were swapping from swimming to flying quite frequently. I walked all the way around Cummersdale Holme to get some photos of the whole place in the snow. I came across a Goldcrest Regulus regulus, he was so small. He flew very fast so it was hard to get a good shot. He kept hanging upside down from the branches to get to the food on the trees. After spending a good twenty minutes with him I moved on and walked along the river. I saw a man and he looked at my camera and said “it is very cold today, you won’t see any birds.” Then as I turned to the river I saw a flash of bright blue feathers fly past, skimming the river and dropping into the dunes of the river. It was a Kingfisher Alcedines,  I wish I saw him earlier, before he left his perch, then I could have gotten a lovely photo. Oh well… never mind, maybe next time.