Cummersdale Holme visit No.5

Today, Saturday 18th April I went down to Cummersdale Holme as it was a beautiful day. I wanted to see how much had changed since I’d come back to uni from my Easter break. A lot had changed, the river had gone down and the water was so clear! I walked along the river bank and past the factory.

I didn’t see much wildlife, it was very warm so I was surprised. I saw Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies Aglais urticae following each other. Along the riverbed were loads of House Martins Delichon urbicum, I thought they were so beautiful, they flew right next to our heads. Some were flying right over the water and fishing. I was so desperate to see the Otter Lutra lutra, but she was no where to be seen.

I have really enjoyed my trips to Cummersdale Holme as part of my university project. I have seen plenty of changes through the winter, spring and into the summer periods. I will keep going to Cummersdale and hope to see plenty more wildlife. I am desperate to see the Otter and I will keep my eye out for the Kingfisher!

Until next time…