Day 1 on Isle of Carna (21st May 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.19.37Freya Steele Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.19.47Freya Steele Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.19.59Freya Steele


After a long seven-hour drive along the West coast of Scotland through beautiful scenery, we arrived Ardnamurchan Charters and were greeted by Heather, Cain and Andy.


Assisted by Andy’s black Labrador, Tag, we unloaded our bags out of the car and onto the jetty, ready to jump aboard the boat to Carna. It only took five minutes to sail over to the Isle of Carna. Only three houses were situated on the whole island so it was exciting to know that only a few people were going to be there. We were secluded from the busy, stressful world on the other side of the water, with no Internet, TV or phone signal. However this didn’t matter because, before we got onto the island and within ten minutes of us arriving we had already seen; common gulls, red breasted merganser, hooded crow, moon jellyfish, oyster catches, oysters, lesser red poll, common tern and common seals.


After settling in and saying bye to Andy and Tag we were thrown straight into the wild world of Carna. Heather and Cain told us to throw on our walking boots. Then we headed out to collect camera traps that they had placed prior to us arriving. As we were walking though the marshland towards the wood where the first camera trap was placed, I stepped straight into a hidden dip filled with water. From that moment on my walking boot was soaking wet, but you can’t predict what the Isle of Carna will throw at you.


On the walk to collect the camera traps we found otter spraint, heard a tawny owl, snipe, cuckoo and a grasshopper warbler. We also saw a barn owl, pipistrelle bat, a common frog and an otter on the jetty by our cottage.


After a wildlife packed day already, having been on the island for only a few hours, we headed to bed.