Day 3 on the Isle of Carna (23rd May 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.15.57Freya Steele Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.16.06Freya Steele Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.16.54Freya Steele


We decided yesterday that time is not an object on the Isle of Carna. Heather told us we weren’t allowed to look at the time and that she would wake us up in the mornings. So on the morning of 23rd May I was woken up by Heather sweetly saying “Carna wake up call”.


Our first activity of the day was to set the Longworth trap, a small trap used to monitor small mammals. To use this we had to set it not to close on the animal, so that the animal can get used to it for a few days before getting shut in. We lay out the trap under a bush, parallel to a rock with oats and chunks of apple to treat the animal. After one night the animal must have been used to it so we set it to trap and left it for a night.


We thought it would be nice to explore around the cottage, so we went on a walk across the shoreline, up onto the hill, through some difficult obstacles such as a cliff face full of trees and rocks. Heather, Zahrah, Lequane and I decided to take the hard route while Rebecca and Verity took the easy one. We came across a graveyard with stones stating that the ancestors of the family who owned the island were buried here. On our walk we wanted to identify types of land; we found marshland, coastal and forest. In these habitats we found species of plant such as hares tail, bog myrtle, wood sorrel (which we ate and it tasted like apple) and pignut.


After having a spot of lunch Rebecca, Lequane and I walked all the way to where we were the day before, where Cain had set us up a hide overlooking the seals. We squeezed into the hide and set up our cameras. It was so peaceful watching the seals on the island about half a mile away from the hide. Suddenly Rebecca said, “Look what is that soaring the sky!” We looked through our binoculars and thought that it was an eagle. Cain ran all the way back to the hide to tell us he had spotted a white tailed eagle, and yes that was what we were looking at. We were so excited! After taking the mick so many times by saying we had seen an eagle, this time it was actually true. After two hours in the hide we headed back to the cottage.


When we met up with Verity and Zahrah we felt awful that we saw an eagle and they didn’t. Zahrah and I were sat outside when I spotted another white tailed eagle on the hill opposite our cottage. It was a fantastic sight; it flew right over the top of us!


The sun was beaming still and we didn’t want to waste it so we went on a small boat ride, while the sun was setting. We were very lucky and saw our first porpoise, seals, otter, nesting shags, common tern and another white tailed eagle.


After another eventful and packed day of wildlife we headed off to bed ready to get up for sunrise at 5am.