Day 4 on the Isle of Carna (24th May 2016)

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“Carna wake up call” called a very cheery Heather at 5am. I got up threw on the nearest clothes to my bed and walked to the jetty outside the cottage where the sunrise was totally mesmerising. For about two hours we walked a small distance to soak up the beauty of the sunset reflecting the water.


After a little nap we had some fuel food (porridge) and walked to the summit of Carna. Words cannot describe how pretty it was up there, with the sun beaming down on Isle of Mull and over to the other side at Ardnamurchan. Cain got out his drone and we took some funny group snaps on my camera. Wildlife still thrived up there; we saw a common lizard, common frog and signs of fox and otter.


When we got back to the cottage we went on a shoreline survey walk. During this we found moon jellyfish, common starfish, common blenny, shore crab, hermit crab, spiny spider crab, nudibranch and a butterfish.


To end a perfect day we went out when it was dark and did a bat survey using the Magenta 4 bat detector. Doing this we discovered common pipistrelle bats. This was by far one of my favourite things we did during our time at Carna. To top it off we also saw the barn owl.