Isle of Carna 2nd visit November 2016

Blog on Carna 2nd visit (17th-21st November)


Thursday 17th November


We drove to Carna today arriving at 2.15pm. Once we landed off the boat on the island I was itching to go out. I went and set up the camera trap on the jetty and the hide on a little bank overlooking the water and the coastal shoreline. At 9pm once we had settled in, I was so tired and rather cold so I climbed into bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.


Friday 18th November


After a really long drive up to Carna last night we decided to wake up bright and early at 7am to catch the sunrise. It was so beautiful; the sky was lit up baby and hot pink. Once we had filled our bellies we set off to set up the camera traps. When we left the light on the water, shoreline and mountains was spectacular. We walked so far, checking out all the little rock pools and scanning the water and skyline for any activity until the heavens decided to open.


We had hit the furthest point in which you could see from our cottage by the time it started raining. However to cheer us up there was a double rainbow spread across the hills. It was stunning!


We decided that it was too dangerous to carry on, as it was so slippy on the rocks and wet in the grassland. On the way back we set two camera traps; one in the woods and one on the jetty. I had a nice big mug of hot chocolate, warmed my toes up and went back out to film. I sat in the hide and waited for about 3 hours, I saw and filmed Shags, Seal, Heron and small birds.


To brighten up the day we had a few drinks with some people visiting the island and played some games before bed.


Saturday 19th November


Today was by far my favourite day! We woke up about 8am, had breakfast and headed on a mission to reach the summit. It was a hard climb as it had rained so much. We waded our way through the forest, heather, streams and faced very steep rock faces. Finally we reached the top! It was so satisfying and I had definitely done my work out for the week, didn’t need to go to the gym!


Once we were up I took a few shots of the surroundings on a tripod and camera. Then I set the drone up to fly, however it took a few attempts as the batteries weren’t warm enough. I put them underneath my armpits to warm up and tired again several times. Finally we got it working and whilst shivering because it was so cold I flew it around the island, capturing the beauty of Carna. We had our packed lunch and headed down as we were meeting Andy so we could go on the boat.


Andy took us on his boat and we were ridiculously lucky! We saw two Otter pups and their mother, the pups were playing in the water while mum was hunting for fish. The pups realised that mum was gone so they headed for cover, being very weary of us, so we left them alone and carried on. During the boat trip I saw and filmed Common Seals, Gulls, Herons and Deer.


What an awesome day!


Sunday 20th November


This was our last day on the island so we took the advantage of the frosty morning with the sun shining brightly creating gorgeous light on the mountains and hills. I flew the drone up and got shots of the coastline, seaweed, cottages, hills and forest.


Once we had a quick mug of tea to warm us up I headed down to the shoreline and the jetty to see what I could film with the GoPro. It was a success and I got all the shots I needed. We decided to call Andy again on the radio and ask if he minded taking us on the boat again, and he was more than happy to. He said he would show us the native Scottish black bee project while he got them ready for the winter. I filmed it all for my project, Andy and Barnaby had to put on bee suits and cut a good-sized hole for the bees in case they wanted to leave over the winter.


Once we had seen this Andy took us on the boat again, he and Barnaby allowed me to go up on the roof so it was more steady for my camera and tripod. On this trip I saw and filmed Common Seals, Gulls, Shags and a beautiful sunset which looked like the forest was on fire.


Again a wonderful day and time for bed.


Monday 21st November


Today was unfortunately the day we had to leave so we packed up and collected the camera traps and hide. We caught an Otter on the hide on the jetty which was extremely exciting. Andy picked us up and we went into his lodge so I could record his voice for my voice over which I wrote a script for.


It was really sad to say bye to the Isle of Carna and Andy, Barnaby and the dog Tag. I have loved my stay and I am so happy with the footage I got for my film. So we said a huge thank you to Andy and Barnaby and headed home. To end the trip on a huge high we saw a juvenile Golden Eagle sat on a post on the way out which was fantastic.


So until next time, bye Isle of Carna and thank you!