Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Secret World is an animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary located on the Somerset levels. Pauline and Derek Kidner opened New Road Farm now known as Secret World Wildlife Rescue in 1984. The public saw how Pauline looked after the animals and soon became to understand Pauline’s love for wildlife, so they brought injured animals to her to be cared for. Secret World was founded in 1992 as Bluebell sett, named after Pauline’s first rescued baby badger Bluebell.


Bluebell Sett became a registered charity and after the ITV television series ‘Secret World’ the sanctuary was named Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre. Since 2005 Secret World has been a 24/7, 365 days a year wildlife rescue centre, caring for over 5,500 sick, injured and orphaned animals a year, whom are released back into the wild where possible.


Over 600 volunteers, many animal carers, reception, office, administration and maintenance staff run Secret World, also gardening volunteers and response drivers who collect injured wildlife. Secret World rescues animals, rehabilitates them and releases them back into the wild.


Secret World’s vision is to prevent wildlife from suffering and to inspire everyone young and old to understand his or her wildlife and love it. “Rescue, rehabilitate and release” is Secret World’s slogan. Animal welfare is what keeps Secret World running and is a place of safety for wildlife. They run school visits, wedding receptions, community groups, courses, talks and other events to teach the public about the importance of wildlife and what can be done to help. Secret World has a huge amount of respect for their wildlife, staff, volunteers and visitors.


Secret World has two supporters; Animal Friends pet insurance and TECHI Ltd. Animal Friends has donated over £2.2 million to animal charities all over the world, including Secret World. TECHI Ltd is also located in Somerset; they really appreciate the work of Secret World and admire them for what they do. Ways in which you may help are to adopt an animal, donate to the charity, fundraise, attend an event or volunteer at Secret World.


So go on down and visit Secret World or even better adopt an animal, donate, go to an event, book on a course or volunteer with Secret World.


Please also check out my two videos about Secret World, hopefully there will be more to come in the future.


Thank you!